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Jude Hirsch, Ed.D.

Professor of Outdoor Education


Georgia College & State University

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Lee Gillis, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology


Georgia College & State University

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This book shares the two key models of the 5D Process (Diagnosis, Design, Delivery, Debrief, and Departure) and the L.E.T.S. Plan (Logistics, Events, Timing, and Staff). Both models work in harmony to guide programmers in effectively planning experiential programs. This book and its ongoing case studies will prove useful for:

  • experiential practitioners who have credible levels of technical expertise in adventure activities and less experience or training in program planning;
  • program administrators who are competent at planning in other fields, but feel less prepared to supervise adventure or experiential programs;
  • academic educators who teach courses, or sections within courses, that focus directly on adventure and experiential program planning; and
  • students who are taking courses in program planning or outdoor leadership and adventure experiences.

This two-disc (DVD/CD) set features video of Mike Gass, Karl Rohnke, Scott Bandoroff, Laurie Frank, Jude Hirsch, Christian Itin, Jim Schoel and Simon Priest. It_s a workshop in a case, including a CD that provides a step-by-step process for learning how to develop metaphors, exercises, recipes and additional resources, as well as an interactive DVD that enhances the CD by providing visual examples of the content and process. The written text is customizable and may be used with the DVD in whole or in part as a series of experiences for staff training, professional development, or to supplement a course of study related to the use of group activities in recreation, education, training and development, or therapeutic settings.

This book is intended to help enhance those odds by improving employee participation in the process of managing tasks and relationships, thereby increasing the overall success of the corporation. The Essential Elements of Facilitation is a book for anyone who wants to help organizations make constructive changes, especially:

  • consultants working outside an organization and wishing to enhance their understanding of facilitation methods and principles;
  • trainers working within an organization and desiring to strengthen their roles as human resource development professionals;
  • managers leading groups of employees and looking for less directive and more empowering approaches leading to greater work effectiveness;
  • facilitators in other fields (e.g., therapists, teachers) seeking to refine their facilitation techniques in order to work with corporate audiences; and
  • students in organizational development or leadership courses wanting to improve their knowledge of facilitation theory and practice.


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·       Developing Metaphors for Group Activities

·       Reflection on Practice



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